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Ethical Gift Guide: Him

Ethical Gift Guide: Him

I LOVE Christmas; the longer days as we get right into summer, the christmassy songs, the christmassy food, the generally good mood everyone is in, and spending extra time with family and friends, celebrating the end of another year. Gift-giving is special as well, but there is just SO much stuff available that it can be overwhelming. While over-consumption of stuff is becoming more mainstream, there is still pressure to buy lots AND buy well. So I wanted to put together a couple of ethical gift guides to perhaps help you on the gifting quest for that person that’s hard to buy for, or if like me you are trying to be more mindful with your present giving. Quality over quantity is not only a more wallet-friendly mantra for the christmas season but also means the receiver isn’t ending up with a load of stuff they don’t want or need. Win win I think!

I always find it harder to shop for guys than girls. Funny how society and the media don’t push the same level of consumerism onto men than women… a discussion topic for another time perhaps! Whether it be boyfriend, grandpa or colleague, below is my edit of gifts I would buy (or may already have bought…) for him…

Thermos/Keep Cup. If they don’t already have one of these, this is a must in my eyes!! Say no to single-use plastic and invest in a thermos like this cool Klean Kanteen one (which actually works), or a reusable coffee cup for them - if you order off the Keep Cup website you can customise your own design. It’s practical, useful and eco-friendly.

Micro Greens Planter. I came across this Biome one and thought this is SO epic particularly if they don’t have a garden. This is great for her or him really, and comes with everything you need, including the sprouting greens and instructions.

Ginger Beer Kit. Another discovery on Biome, this kit is such a fun present for the more creative/hands on guy. Makes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ginger beer. This NZ company, Mad Millie, also do other ones like gin if that’s more their thing!

Fairtrade Chocolate. This Alter Eco brand is super delicious and can vouch on Tom’s behalf for the mint flavoured one. A great one to add in as a little treat or as a stocking filler.

Seedlings. An awesome stocking filler as well, or a great addition with the planter. I personally would go for this culinary herbs kit, but there’s lots to choose from as well as individual options for chives, sunflowers, tomatoes…

Subscription. Whether to his favourite magazine, a journal like The Economist, or to something fun like a monthly delivery of wine/beer, this is one that keeps on giving!

Conscious Step Socks. These are not ordinary socks, they have such a great story behind each pair, and are great for all ages. Fun and also a good one for the stocking/an add on to presents.

Nice Watch. If they don’t already have one, this is an excellent gift and pretty hard to go wrong with as well as being something they can enjoy for a long time. My two picks would be Melbourne Watch Company for something a bit extra special (but also a bit more pricey) or Bow and Stern - I love the anchor detail! Both Aussie made companies with great philosophies.

Reusable Coffee Pods. This is so freaking cool!!! Another genius discovery on Biome, these Podsta’s can go in Nespresso machines and then be reused, rather than the single use plastic of others!

A Cool Experience. Especially for the guy that has everything, an experience is a fun way for you to both do something together and enjoy an adventure. A friend got me onto Dan’s Camp which looks like a load of fun, or I can highly vouch for our stay out in Walhalla - check out the deets here.

Have you got some other great gift ideas for him? Let me know in the comments below! Or chat with me on instagram, I’d love to know if this was helpful x
(also pls note that all of these presents could be for gals too but there’s a ‘hers’ coming next week)

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