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Probiotic Skincare

Probiotic Skincare

Before I begin my excitement please know this isn’t a paid marketing scheme – I just have a passion for quality skincare, for ethical goodness and for independent brands making a positive impact in the world! As I mentioned in my Summer Round Up, I first tried Esse through their Cocoa Scrub. I LOVE THIS. It is pure luxury that removes dead skin without rubbing it raw and stripping it of natural oils. In fact it ADDS moisture in which is even better, particularly in the lead up to winter! This led me to jumping online and learning more about Esse. Excitement levels doubled because their ethos and processes resonated so strongly with me!! Fair trading, organic ingredients, ethical farming, holistic science, probiotic infusions and so much more!!

So about eight weeks ago I reached out to Esse and put forward the idea of trying more from the range, as I really wanted to test it out before sharing my initial love and thoughts with you all. Again, I’m not a paid ambassador, I simply loved the philosophy of the brand and using more of their products has taught me even more about my own skin as well as the integrity of ingredients and the processes behind skincare generally.

Esse means ‘to be’ in Latin. This is a core principle behind the whole brand; that your skin should be at it’s best and that optimal skin condition depends upon the probiotic microbes living on and in it. The Internet is very loudly saturated with ‘gut health’ this and ‘cure your skin’ that. But basically, probiotics benefit more than just your internals; your skin performs best when it is fed with good, healthy ingredients. ‘Esse does not believe in damaging skin in pursuit of short-term results, it optimises skin health to slow ageing in the long-term.’ THIS is a critical statement from them that highlights how easy it is to be swept up in the latest lip pump or age-defying cream phase, but that it is so much better for your skin’s longevity to bring it back to basics and know what is actually IN the product you're putting on your skin.

Fair Trade

You all know I could never promote a brand that wasn’t transparent about their production process. Esse is an accredited partner of PhytoTrade Africa which basically means that products are developed sustainably and the people involved are paid fairly. Fair rates ensure not only the communities can thrive, but that they also have a strong, vested interest in the sustainability of the natural resources. Win for the environment! Win for people!

Organic and natural ingredients, and completely cruelty free

The ‘Ecocert’ certification audits production facilities and ensures that all ingredients used are sustainable, safe and have a minimum organic percentage of 3%. It also means the packaging needs to be safe for us and the is recyclable. Not tested on animals!!!

Carbon neutral production

A critical one for me given the products are produced in South Africa. This initially made me sceptical of using them because I didn’t like the carbon emission thing from them travelling so far.
BUT I did my research. The WAY you produce is more important than the air miles (which only account for 11% of carbon emissions across the world). The manufacturing processes of Esse are completely carbon neutral, and the delivery service they use in Australia is completely carbon neutral (who would ever normally think of the importance of your delivery choices!?).

Below is my morning and night routines and how I found each product:


Gel and Creamy Cleansers – Core Range. I tried both of these, using the gel one for longer as I had a bigger sample of it – but I definitely prefer the cream cleanser for my skin. The gel has a really nice feel and comes in an easy pump bottle, but is definitely suited to oilier skin than mine. As mine is only slightly combination, it responded a lot better to the cream base.

Eye and Lip Cream. I popped this under my eyes and a little around my lip area both morning and night. It’s really hydrating and a nice texture, and definitely improved the dryness under my eyes. Lasts ages as you only need a tiny amount. However given the price point and my concerns aren’t really involving the eye area, I think this is better suited for my wiser, mature ladies!

Omega Light Moisturiser. Really light and mattifying, and very conveniently in travel sized little pots. Omega’s are super beneficial for evening out skin tone and the essential fatty acids included leave your skin all lovely and moisturised without being oily. I tried both this one and the normal ‘light’ moisturiser. The latter is definitely for oilier/much younger skin. The omega light is a great one for during the day but probably more so in summer than winter; I’ve found the change in weather has me leaning towards the deep moisturiser for day just for some extra hydration. I’ll be trying the omega deep moisturiser next as I have a feeling my skin will need it more.

Toner. This was kind of a multi-purpose product for me; sometimes I’d spritz it on before moisturising in the morning, sometimes throughout the day to freshen up the face, and sometimes after makeup to keep my skin looking dewy. If toner’s not your thing that’s cool, but I can recommend this one if it is.


Fairly similar to my morning routine but once a week I added in the luxe Cocoa Scrub (you already know this is a MUST for me it’s just too good. If you were only going to buy one thing from Esse, make it this). Of an evening I followed cleansing with the Probiotic Serum and the Deep Moisturiser. Now the serum is soo smooth and nice on the skin, and definitely helped with hydrating and waking up looking fresh-faced. But again, this is probably suited for older skin/the before and after pics of the serum being used on people 30+ are amazing. I would definitely buy this but in a couple of years! The deep moisturiser is gorgeous and not at all greasy. Will be using this as a day moisturiser through winter and a pure oil like jojoba or rosehip at night.

Different products for different needs

I can hear the virtual whisper of “Em I have really sensitive skin though” or “All well and good for you hun because you’ve only got smile wrinkles”. BUT not only did I try and test some products on myself, but I roped in some family members to help with the trialling of some products from other ranges. For my super sensitive skin gals, my younger sister gave the all clear for the cleanser and moisturiser not breaking her out or making her red. She particularly liked the cleanser - “defs good qual”. My grandma tried and enjoyed the cream cleanser and deep moisturiser, and this last week I gave her the eye and lip cream to try. She already loves it and found it really gentle, so as I mentioned before, a more noticeable difference will be had on slightly older skin.

Check out Esse for yourself! There are lots of skincare brands on the market but I LOVE the integrity and high standard Esse sets for themselves and thereby only providing the best of the best for us consumers. Because Esse is the *most* generous company they are offering 10 of you a FREE trial pack of choice to see what you think - all the deets can be found on my latest Instagram post with my attempt at a stop motion haha. (Again, I'm not getting anything from this, I just wanted to be able to give YOU something!!)

Skincare is not a one size fits all, so please please please get in touch with me if you want to know more/quiz me a bit more on a specific product and how I found it! x

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