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Simple and Small Ethical Swaps: Bedroom

Simple and Small Ethical Swaps: Bedroom

We’re kind of at the point where we’ve ‘finished’ the apartment. I throw up the air quotes because there’s always that patch of wall that you just can’t seem to work out if it needs art or a mirror or what not, but Tom and I are both at the point where we are happy to just accept it’s pretty much how we like it.

The bedroom is a spot we definitely worked on for a while because we wanted it to feel equally “our” space, and function in a way that suits us both. It’s also a space that I felt was harder to make eco-conscious choices - but thank goodness for the legends at Biome. As you might know from my kicking goals post, this amazing website has sooooo many ethically awesome swaps you can make, and bedroom options were no exception. Every product available on Biome is honest and ethical, and have been thoughtfully chosen because of their performance and values. A.k.a, epicness!!! And they have been even MORE legendary, and given me a discount code for you lovely lot to use! The deets:

$15 off when you spend $40 in one transaction

Code: YEEG18 (valid until 10/10, one use per person)

UHHH MAZING! Thanks SO much to Biome for the offer and I hope you find some cool things you like, it’s store-wide I should add!!!!

Anyway back to the bedroom >> we focused on what we could make changes for and I hope this is helpful! There are also a few touches I made purely because I loved the aesthetic, like the salt lamp. As I wrote in one of my first ever posts, small choices we make that are better for our planet and the people around us ultimately make us happier people as we learn to care about something greater beyond ourselves. So here’s how to make a couple of ethical choices in the sleeping quarters…

Bedding: Swap Synthetic for Organic Cotton/Linen

This is a more pricey one, but to me has made a MASSIVE difference for the longevity of the product (so cost per wear, or in this case sleep ha!). We got a set of the Organic Cotton Sheet Sets from Biome and oh. my. WORD these are the softest and most comfortable sheets I’ve ever slept on. Aside from the comfort levels and luxurious feels, this kind of swap makes a huge difference by supporting smaller, local Australian businesses committed to creating a safer product through cotton that is grown completely without synthetic chemicals. They’re also ethically and sustainably manufactured (through the Global Organic Textile Standard).

Hand Cream: Swap for a more ethical brand

SUCH an easy one to do; if you keep hand cream by your bed, try a brand that’s nourishing and ethical as well (if you don’t keep hand cream by your bed, this is a friendly nudge to try it and keep those paws hydrated). I love my Olieve one as mentioned in my weekend pamper, but Biome has plenty of others to choose from to!

Candles: Swap to Small-Batch Soy or Beeswax

Candles are a great one to be more aware of, because if you’re anything like me you use them a lot! Biome has some beauuutiful beeswax ones - these are handmade and free from petroleum products and chemicals. but as you must know by now I’m also totally in love with my Karma Collective candles; handmade in Melbourne and every purchase includes a donation to charity. Win win!

Room Scent: Swap Reed Diffuser for Spray or Oil Diffuser

Another super easy and affordable one to do, that still achieves the same outcome if not better. Rather than creating waste with the reed diffusers that can’t be recycled, try a room spray or invest in a diffuser that you can create a custom smell with some essential oils. You can also get one on Biome that’s a humidifier as well which is v functional. We have one of these at my work and it’s so lovely. I’ve also got my eye on this sleepy time spray - totally not just for kids.

I will also mention that if one of the bedroom’s in your home has a little person(s), Biome do some absolutely gorgeous Australian children’s books and great sleep tracks! AND the adorable “meditation moon” below is from the independent designer Melly Frank (found in Salamanca, Hobart) and I LOVE IT.

Have you made any ethical swaps in your home? Let me know in the comments! x

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