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How To Get Out of a Rut

How To Get Out of a Rut

HELLOOOOOOOO friend!! It’s been a few months hasn’t it!? I probably say this every year but I cannot quite wrap my head around the fact that it is almost blooming JUNE already!!! Where has the year gone!? Ya feel!?

You may or may not have been wondering why it’s been a bit quiet on the writing front. Well I did this whole podcast thing - let me know your favourite episode in the comments! I’ve loved hearing from those of you that enjoyed listening, and it was an absolute pleasure having such wonderful women involved. So it was a super fun project, but I struggled to balance work, recording, editing and writing alongside everything else we do in life, so it took a backseat. And if I’m honest, I had started to get to a point of putting so much pressure on myself to be writing constantly that I wasn’t enjoying it in the same way. So naturally, I wanted to share my tips for getting back on the bandwagon/getting back into flow/get your mojo back/find your groove again… you get it.

  1. Breathe. Seems simple enough right!? But how often do we take the time to pay attention to our breath in a day? How often do we stop and just be still? If I find myself getting overwhelmed with my to-do list or feeling like I’m a bit spaced out, I take some time (even 5 mins) to meditate and then reground in where I am at.

  2. Prioritise & Reassess. Often if I’m feeling cloudy about the week ahead or just life in general, it’s because I haven’t checked in with my goals or haven’t written anything down for the next little while because I’ve had unexpected things pop up. And this is totally fine, but it might mean I need to re-evaluate; are my daily activities taking me in the direction of my greater goals? Am I spending time and energy in ways that aren’t fulfilling (e.g. the instagram tunnel…)? Do I need to shake things up? I know for myself that if I don’t set my morning up right, I can spend the day feeling out of it and get easily frazzled/feeling behind. Work out what is and isn’t working for you in your current day and then week.

  3. Revitalise!! OH how much clearer and calmer I feel after a 20 minute walk outside looking at the trees and the sky. #cheesy. But seriously. Being productive and getting your mojo back just ain’t going to happen if you feel like a turd. So whether you need to go for a walk, a run, a swim… or get to bed earlier, take a bath… self-care is so important for feeling grounded and centred in your own life. That feeling of being stuck may be coming from not moving your body enough or from having eaten out lots… I know I need plenty of sleep to feel energised, so whatever it might be, getting back into your groove will be so much easier if you’ve got the energy to get you there.

  4. Accept. I was beating myself up earlier in the year for not being able to juggle the podcast and the blog and for not feeling “in flow”, but I had to realise that it was OKAY to not be staying up into the wee hours of the morn trying to cram several more things into my already busy schedule. In order for my mental load to be ok, I had to accept that I could pick things back up when I was ready and feeling inspired again. It’s ok to get into a rut sometimes, and we have to accept that we won’t always feel like we’ve got it all together. Be kind to yourself! You’ll be back on the bandwagon in no time (have I used enough of these motivational phrases yet…)

    So I’m taking my own advice and doing these things, taking the pressure off a bit. I hope you’ll still pop over here every so often x

Pictures by the talented Emma Holland.

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