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My Fairtrade Tea & Chocolate Picks

My Fairtrade Tea & Chocolate Picks

If you’re new around here you might not quite have realised *just* how passionate I am about consuming consciously, and how one such way to do this is by choosing fairtrade products. While I have yet to find a fairtrade vacuum company (holla if you know one), a REALLY easy and simple choice is around our tea and chocolate. Especially in the last few years, we are blessed with a lot of choice in these departments, so I’ve popped together my favourite for you to try at your next occasion (a.k.a this afternoon’s snack…)


Loving Earth. Hailing from Victoria, this is a 360 degree brand; meaning from the production through to the end of the consumption, every process has been thought about and considered with the environment in mind. From the regenerative cacao (didn’t even know this was a thing but HOW COOL) through to the compostable wrapper, this is an ethical and sustainable brand doing their best to contribute positively to the planet as well as local farmers and businesses. My favourite: The Choc Mint.

Pana Chocolate. Melbourne-based and beautifully packaged, Pana Chocolate are another passionate and eco-conscious company. The brand’s slogan says it all - “Love your insides, love the earth”. They have a tree-planting initiative and are all about transparency in their process from harvesting to packaging. I love that even though they’re stocked in bigger supermarkets now, the chocolate is handmade. My favourite: The Hazelnut or Sour Cherry and Vanilla. They also have a fairly new ice cream line which is to DIE for. Go for the Boysenberry Cheesecake it won’t disappoint.

Green and Blacks. For ethically sourced chocolate that won’t break the bank. Although this is a British company, I’ve included it here because it is easy to find and they have a long standing partnership with Cocoa Life, a sustainable cocoa farming organisation that has committed millions of dollars since 2012 to strengthen skills and knowledge in cocoa farming communities around the world.

Alter Eco. My first try of this was in the early days of exploring the Oxfam store in Canberra with mum. They had a sample on the bench and I resisted the urge to grab the whole bowl and run. Another brand with a beautiful, full-circle approach. Every product is sourced from farmer-owned cooperatives practicing sustainable agriculture. Also another compostable packaging brand. Winning. My favourite: The Deep Dark Sea Salt. Can also vouch for the insanely moorish truffles and clusters.

Whittaker’s. Our fairtrade friends from across the sea. A long-standing and long-loved brand, Whittaker’s sources cocoa and sugar ethically, only uses renewable energy in their manufacturing, and is a proud supporter of ‘Kiwi for Kiwi’, protecting native wildlife in New Zealand. What’s not to love. My favourite: The Coconut Block.


Clipper. Probably the world’s largest fairtrade tea company, Clipper is organic, ethical and delish. Their bags are natural (no plastic or unnecessary packaging), and they have the coolest initiative called “Ac-TEA-vism” which highlights the work they’re involved in around fairtrade, education and the environment. My favourite: A tie between the decaf and the peppermint.

Nerada. One of the few Aussie teas on the market with a bunch of fairtrade options, Nerada supports North Queensland tea farmers in the creation of their black tea. They have a super transparent website with all the details of their ethical production and commitment to the environment. My favourite: The fairtrade and organic Chai.

The Fresh Chai Co. I’m quite a fan of chai if you hadn’t quite got that yet, so naturally when I came across this brand in Byron Bay I had to buy several kinds to try. Everything is made with a lot of care and thought, and with only organic and fairtrade ingredients. My favourite: The Caffeine Free Masala Chai Blend, but I also love that they do a sample pack so you can try a few first.

Love Tea. Founded in Melbourne, this brand is all about organic and therapeutic blends that are fairtrade too. They support 1% For The Planet and are really transparent about their ingredients. A lovely herbal range, and all packaging is sustainable. My favourite: Either the Sleep Tea or Dandelion Chai.

Have you got any favourite fairtrade brands of choccy or tea? Let me know in the comments! x

Pictures by the beautiful  Emma Holland.

Pictures by the beautiful Emma Holland.

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